Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Season

It's not news to anyone if I say that my blog wasn't that high-quality in the last few months of posting - fact reflected by the current number of posts. I think I've become somewhat more mature by time. More mature, eh. I mean, hopefully I'll be able to reach a higher grammar level and use a larger vocabulary as well. Also, I hope that my ability to form opinions about things has increased as well, since I've spent dozens of hours reading - studying programming, operating systems, and so on.. I've also learnt how much ketchup is to be put on fried potato in order to match everybody's needs, not just mine. More mature. There's another slice in my maturity-cake, filled with two creams: genuineness and reliability. I don't want to lie to my readers again. My readers, who can make my day by just typing three short words, and submitting this array of characters as a comment to a post o' mine.
In the future I expect to provide posts higher on quality and accuracy. Fortunately I understood that blogging is not about lying to my readers on a daily manner just in order to get some clicks on your ads. It's about writing your thoughts down if they start to shake and tickle your brain.
If only I could change the past.. but obviously I can't, and that's fine, if I think better. I've learnt many things by posting fraud articles - learnt what it takes to be honest, to be genuine. I don't know if anybody reads this now, but it makes me feel better. These few sentences have been tickling my brain for months..
I wish everybody happy blogging, without money-making propaganda articles, like mine were in the past!
Have fun, and please wish me some power to be able to keep my promise!


Alex said...

Glad you are back. I'm looking forward to reading your "mature" posts.

cruocitae said...

Thanks for the greeting!
I have some undergoing work on a FreeBSD article, a commenting on Mr. Stallman's opinion about Novell's "Microsoft affair", but I want to fine-tune these, so probably I will release something not-that-grandiose today or tomorrow.

linnerd40 said...

Welcome back! It sure has been a while, I've missed your great blog posts. I look forward your more "mature" posts in the future!