Thursday, August 16, 2007


Time for another "hello-i-am-back-again" post. :-) I've had my exams (success), I've gone to a physics-biology-chemistry competition (another reason I couldn't post for a while), but I'm back again, with another plan in my mind regarding "more mature" posts. We'll see. If anybody is still reading this little crap, well, thank you. If I were you, I'd have possibly deleted it from my feed reader, bookmarks, etc. If this blog was something larger than what it actually was, probably Arrington would have put it into his now infamous dead pool. Even though, I think I can be proud of what I achieved. And now, putting that pride in the mentioned dead pool, I'm going to start it again.. Aha, I'm doing exactly what I shouldn't. I'm going to reinvent the wheel. I know in most cases proceeding so is considered incorrect, but in mine it isn't. My wheel wasn't rotund. It was an irregular, random shape, using which you just can't travel. My new challenge is not to strengthen that irregular wheel, but leave it maybe weak, but at least make it round.

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